The most perfect cake maker

Well what can I say about my Amazing cake!! I never once thought my cake would be anything less than perfect as Anne McBride at Eclectic Cake Box is still my cake maker after all these years and has surprised me each and every time with her talent and skill (not that I have ever once doubted her) she has made me the most perfect cake that tops them all! All I ask Anne for is a theme and give her a colour scheme and give her free range and I am so happy I can trust her as she get it perfect each and every time ? the attention to detail, the way it complimented my decor, scenery and flowers was just perfect, Anne is the most perfect cake maker I could have ever ever found as she is the kindest lady I have ever met she makes sure I am happy and is a perfectionist when it comes to her work. I honestly don’t even need to say she loves her job as you can tell with every cake she make she puts her heart and soul into it to make it perfect for her client! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for playing a special part in our wedding and making us once again an amazing cake that tasted absolutely beautiful as always ?